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Welcome to Greenfield Residential Developments

Greenfield Residential Developments is a professional property consultancy specialising in the acquisition, marketing and sales of new residential development projects.

"Australians have long had a love affair with residential property. Our desire for its inbuilt security has given us the highest ratio of home ownership per capita in the world. Property is an essential asset that has certainly stood the test of time and the term "safe as houses" has been written into our folklore." (Steve Polder - Director)

So what’s the attraction?  

  • Residential property is a tangible asset that provides significantly high levels of comfort and security
  • Property is a "must have" asset with relatively low risk, providing regular income and consistently high levels of capital growth
  • It is a relatively liquid asset that enjoys valuable taxation benefits with the right purchasing strategy
  • Residential property is a "feel good" investment that provides an enduring sense of pride in ownership
Our core business activities incorporate the following: 
  • Land acquisition, marketing and design & construction
  • Project management
  • New home & land packages
  • Dual occupancy, integrated and medium density development
  • Co-ownership & investment property planning
  • Buyers’ agency sales